There’ll never be another Scott.


The idea of adventuring has captivated and inspired people for as long as we’ve been on the planet. But in these modern times, what hasn’t already been discovered? Almost every inch of the surface of this planet has been charted, with maybe the exception of deep Antarctica, which will no doubt be further explored in the decades to come by machines. As a race, we’ve only really been left with a few options, to explore the deep sea or to leave this planet all together and look upwards to the stars. Both of these locations are very difficult to reach, requiring efforts beyond mere human capabilities. Both also will likely never be accessible to the likes of you and me, unless you happen to be an astronaut or a deep-sea researcher. So what do we common-folk do to satisfy our sense of adventure? Yes, we may travel so places we haven’t been before, but is that enough for us, in the back of our minds knowing that someone’s already set foot there?



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