So, who are you voting for?

…okay, someone please fill me in on this – why is it considered rude to ask someone who they’re voting for? I just don’t get it. I mean, if you’ve put time and thought into who you’re casting a vote for, surely you’d be proud of that decision? Surely it would be something you’re not offended by someone merely asking who you’ve decided on? I don’t know, it just seems to me like if you’re getting offended at that question, that you’re insecure about what you’re voting for, and in turn – I’d go as far as saying you probably shouldn’t be voting!

A bit on the harsh side, I know, but take this same phenomenon and apply it to religion for a minute. Who would get offended by an individual asking what they believe in? Someone who was insecure. Someone who didn’t want others knowing what they’ve chosen to believe just because they’re afraid of being challenged. The other week I had some Christians come up to me and pretty much directly question what I believed in, and I talked (not argued, just talked) with them for about half an hour, and at the end it was clear that I understood what they believed, and they knew what I believed, and neither of us were offended or upset, it’s just what we thought, and we all came away with a few points about the other’s opinions, and it was good!

Now, surely the same would apply to voters? If I told you that in an election I would vote for X, and you told me that you would vote for Y, I’d have no issues! I mean, sure, I might then be up for a bit of banter about why we both have decided on our separate parties, but isn’t that kind of talk healthy? As opposed to mutterings and private thoughts behind closed doors, only to completely clam up altogether when someone dare’s to try and peek inside?


2 thoughts on “So, who are you voting for?

  1. Chris says:

    Because too many people make uninformed decision so they can’t back up their decision in any sort of banter so they choose to avoid the issue like the plague

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