Know your game!

Bah – this really should have gone up last weekend. But I was super busy and didn’t have any time at all! So here it is, better late than never eh?

So, all of the week before last I was at a training camp alongside 8 of the other girls from the Hong Kong women’s cricket team, the Red Dragons! (A name I came up with for us, suits us really well!) We trained at the MCG indoor nets, which was absolutely incredible. It’s such an amazing facility, and we were so lucky that we got the opportunity to make use of it!

We also got to pair up with one of the girls from the VicSpirit team, so we could talk about our game and just generally socialise! At first I must admit I was a bit intimidated by the idea of training with them, but after the first session was over I was nothing but excited for the rest of the week to unfold!

The aim of the week was to ‘understand our game’ better, to have a better look at our own individual abilities and where we thrive compared to where we may struggle. For example, I know I’m not a hard-hitting batsman, so my role is to rotate the strike and get the stronger batsman on strike. That said, my batting is continually improving, so if we’re in a situation in a game where I need to stand up and score, I’m feeling more confident that I can do that.


At the end of the week every one of us knew exactly what we need to keep developing, and what positives we can remind ourselves of from the week – mine was that I need to work on my batting, getting more shots straighter and on the on side. I got told that my bowling had improved heaps since the last time I trained with the HK girls, and I know I’m finally getting consistent flight and I can actually control my variations, as opposed to a more ‘I’ll try this and who know’s what will happen’ approach I used to have!

Big thanks definitely have to go to Barry Neivandt and everyone at Cricket Victoria for letting us train at the MCG and with the VicSpirit girls, as well as to Charlie, Najeeb and the HKCA for making this happen!


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