Leibster Award!

Heyo – so I’ve been nominated for my first ever blog award! Huzzah! I was nominated by the wonderful Wretched and Divine – check her out!

So, how this works is I answer the questions she’s put forward, then I nominate some other blogs and then they get to answer! It’s such a great thing to do, I love it!

1. List five fun facts about yourself. (I know this isn’t a question!)

  1. I can recite pi to 80~ decimal places? (Probably not a ‘fun’ fact, but eh! My blog my rules!)
  2. I’ve been to over 25 countries (including North Korea!)
  3. I have perfect pitch (apparently)
  4. I am a surprisingly good cook
  5. I was always that kid who saved frogs that ended up in the house :]

2. Who is your guilty pleasure musician?

Selena Gomez… Oh, the sound of you clicking unfollow is breaking my heart – don’t do it! Come back! I love you!

3. Describe your latest dream! (The type of dream you have when you are asleep.)

Okay, my dream last night was in two parts. The first was kind of awful, I was in a theatre thing where if you didn’t absolutely nail all your lines, this big monster thing would come and eat you.. Anyway, I went in to the room where I was to deliver my lines, messed up, and ran away… escaped somehow too. Then I woke up out of fear. The second dream I remember having last night was much better – I was just chilling with Hannah Hart (YouTube star) and we were just talking about life and eating frozen grapes… Then I went off to make us both some shots and found a baking cupboard with heaps of things in it, and then I woke up.

4. What are five things you want to do before you die? You can write more than five if you like!

  • Write a book
  • Become fluent in Cantonese
  • Do a photoshoot
  • Swim with dolphins
  • Make YouTube videos
  • Go to America

5. What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I was adopted by my biological Daddy’s adoptive parents, so my biological Dad is my legal brother… it’s complicated… But it works! I love my family to bits, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. ❤

6. Where in the world do you live?

Melbourne, Australia – but I lived in Hong Kong from when I was born till I was 18 :]

7. How old are you? (This question doesn’t have to be answered if you don’t want to!)

21 today! (May have scheduled this post to be on my birthday because of this question, shhhh)

8. What kind of music do you like?

Pretty much everything – I am a hopeless fan of most things in the top 40, so a lot of pop and electro stuff, but at the same time I like country and R’n’B, and techno and dubstep… I’d say the only thing I don’t particularly like is screamo?

9. What can’t you live without (besides the obvious answers such as air, water, etcetera)?

Attention? That sounds awful. Friends! Cricket! …and more superficially, my phone.

10. How important is blogging to you? Is it something you don’t really care about or your life? Is blogging in the middle?


I like blogging because I can express my thoughts so much better through written word than through speech. Those who know me in real life would know that sometimes I don’t come across as the most eloquent person, it’s probably a mixture of anxiety and stress that puts pressure on me when talking. I’ve always found that I’m never lost for words when I’m writing something, but get stumped when talking quite often. So in that sense, blogging is so important to me, because it’s only on here (and with a few friends who I can be my complete self around) that I can always say what I mean, without awful amounts of ‘um’s and ‘ahh’s everywhere. Plus, they way my blog is structured, I can gush about all the different things that I find interesting – fashion, food, plus the weekly deep thought or two!


Okay, so in turn, I nominate these blogs:

  1. Joannaloves
  2. Pearls and Paris
  3. Call us Whatever
  4. nütie
  5. That Little White Dress

My question for you guys are:

  1. What’s something that inspires you?
  2. What made you decide to start blogging?
  3. What are your favourite brands?
  4. Where do you want to be in 10 years?
  5. What’s your dream job?
  6. How do you want people to remember you?
  7. If you had to eat one cuisine for the rest of your life, which would it be?
  8. What’s something you’ve always wanted to write about?
  9. What’s your favourite thing about yourself?
  10. Are you happy with what you’ve achieved this year?

…and finally thanks again to Wretched and Divine for nominating me! I do have another award that I’ve been nominated by you for (don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten), which I’ll put up in the near future! :]


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