Get Lucky

‘Deal the cards;
Play the game;
Cash the chips;
Win your fame.’

Dave re-read the inscription on the back of his lucky chip.  Flipping it over the back of his fingers, he shoved it into the pocket of his beige pants, and looked up at the bright neon sign in front of him.

The name of the establishment itself was irrelevant; he’d seen them all: The Lucky Knight, Fortune’s cove, The Golden Canyon.  What drew him in the most was the promises they held; of untold riches and wealth beyond his wildest dreams.  With all the anticipation and anxiousness of a boy on his first date, he walked up to the glass doors of the casino, pushed them wide, and stepped inside.

This was definitely not the first time he had been somewhere like this.  Sitting down at one of the many tables, he remembers his first visit into the wonders of places like this.

He had been only a young boy, about seven years old, when his father-the manager of the hotel where it resided-brought him inside to take a look.  Although he may not have understood what the machines and many green tables were for, he was bewitched by their spell; the flashing lights, the spinning signs, the constant music.

From that day on- now under the spell of the wonders of the magical place- he began to insist that his father bring him there whenever he could, even if only to look, as each time he went he would discover a new machine or table, and his mind would swirl with the dreams of one day being able to walk through the doors himself, without the need for his father checking ahead and sneaking in only when it wasn’t busy.

Today was one of those days.

Armed with a killer smile, he winked at the dealer, an attractive blonde.  He looked down at his cards.  A Jack and a five.  Damn.  He threw in some chips.

He looked at the probability of getting the card he wanted,  A lot of high cards had been dealt, so he thought his chances were pretty high.

“Hit me.”  He winked again.  The dealer, clearly used to this and hence unimpressed, drew a card from the deck and tossed it in his direction, facing upwards.

A six.

Feeling smug, he placed a look of subtle indifference on the his face, and motioned to the dealer that he was done.

Finally, it came to the dealers hand.  She turned over her cards as she had done so many times before, carelessly yet with fine precision.  She had two Queens. “Pay twenty-one” she called.  Dave looked at his cards and re-counted his total, then smirked at the dealer.

Tonight was gonna’ be a good night, he could feel it.

[Written 22.7.09]


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