Baking Maniac!

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Heyo dearest readers – so, one of my best friend’s brother’s baking hobby, Baking Maniac has been nominated for ‘Best Cupcakes’ in the  The List Readers Choice Awards. If you’re reading this, could you please please just spare 2 minutes of your time and vote for him? It’s on page 4, and if you’re from Hong Kong, you can fill out a form on the last page and be put in the draw to win a two night stay at the W in Singapore — Sentosa Cove!

But of course, I wouldn’t dare ask you to blindly vote for someone who’s work you’ve never seen, so here’s a few photos of the cakes he makes!




These taste as good as they look!! If you’re in Hong Kong and are looking for quality baked goods, you can find his facebook page here! My sister had cupcakes made for my nieces’ 7th birthday party – I wasn’t there to taste them myself but they looked amazing (pictured below), and I heard nothing but good things about them! I have many fond memories of getting way too excited when Ishi (Ankrish’ sister) turns up with some of his cake pops…! SO GOOD. Seriously, if you’re in Hong Kong and you go to anyone else for cakes, you’re daft!

But yes, if you could, please CLICK CLICK CLICK here and vote for Baking Maniac under the best cupcakes category! Voting closes on the 18th of September.

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 2.08.05 PM


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