I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. #PowerOutage

Power outage!! Hah, so me and my friend Tash are 100% convinced that I just caused the power outage that swept across South East Melbourne. Well, not completely, but we’re certain that I was the one who pushed the grid over it’s tipping point.

We’re in our second day of cleaning after my birthday, and I went and decided to do some laundry… put the dryer on and POOF – power went out. Now, we thought it was just my house because of the timing of it going off right after I put the dryer on… So we spent the next 10 or so minutes wandering around the house, flicking switches and lighting candles, followed by the next obvious step, which of course is to begin eating all the ice cream in the freezer.

No sooner had we lit the last candle, were we suddenly surrounded by light and serenaded by the TV. Ah well. There’s still ice cream for later. All is good.

But yeah, sorry about that folks. I’m solidly convinced this was all my fault, and nobody will convince me otherwise.

…that said, I’m still okay with people blaming Abbott.

What do you think?

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