My preeeeciousssss….

So, there were two very very special gifts that I didn’t have in my video, and they easily deserves their own post. So here we are!


I got a really gorgeous Tiffany & Co. necklace from my sister/nieces, they chose it and I’m absolutely in love with it! The chain is so fine and the key itself is so so so pretty. Part of me is scared to wear it sometimes because I’m worried it’ll break, but on the other hand there is NO way I’m just going to let this gorgeous necklace sit and collect dust!

I also got the below bracelet from Midas Jewellers from my parents – ย another instant favourite! It’s so versatile, I’ve been wearing it with dresses and formalwear, as well as just day to day with jeans and a tee! The photo quality here isn’t so great, but it’s got cut-out flowers around all of the rings, which is super-cute :]


Ahh, I’m so lucky. Such gorgeous pieces!



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