Faith in skepticism

Just a quick thought for today:

I’m of the opinion that everyone has faith. Even the most skeptic of atheist/secular people who completely and utterly deny the existence of any higher power, deity or God still have faith. Instead of faith in another, they have faith in their skepticism.

What I mean is that those who claim skepticism and dispel the idea of a God put the same quality of faith in their own mind to make their moral decisions as the religious do in their respective deity/God.

From this, one can go on to say that there is no way you can make a statement such as “I think that there is no God” without having to tack on an implied “because that’s what I decided with my mind”. This claim applies to both secular/atheists as much as it does to the religious.

*Note that this post only really applies to moral decisions, and anything that can’t be proved/disproved empirically.


What do you think?

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