Noodle Kingdom!

Ah, this place is second to none in my book for end-of-the-night places to eat in Melbourne. There are a few of them around, I’ve only been to the one on Swanston st (near Chinatown), and that one I can say for sure is open till 5am.


The dish pictured above is Szechuan peanut noodles, which is very very spicy (even if you ask for less spice), so be warned! That said, it’s my favourite dish to get – I think it’s something about the burning sensation that sobers me up enough at the end of the night, plus all the noodles are hand made at the restaurant so they have that great fresh taste!

The dumplings are good too, I’ve had them on a number of occasions. But in general, I’d recommend getting something with noodles, plus maybe a side if there are more people around. The portion sizes here are absolutely massive, only get a side if you’re really really hungry and can eat a lot. For moderate appetites I’d almost suggest getting one main and one starter to share between two people.

264 Swanston St,

Melbourne 3000



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