Okay. Sorry in advance, this is indeed a post about GTA V. What’s that game, I’ve never heard of it? Said nobody, ever. Anywho. GTA is awesome and I’ve been playing it all throughout my childhood – I mean, running over people and robbing gas stations for money? What an inspiring game!

Anyway, I got into the game just a few days ago, and I’ve been doing my best to not get too ‘into’ it, because I’m always at risk of falling way too deep into a game and then that’s all I ever want to do, and considering that a) it isn’t my copy of the game and b) I have heaps of study to do, I figured friday night and saturday would be enough of a hit, and I’ll study all day tomorrow. Playing a video game also is not nearly as bad for my liver as the plans I originally had for friday night!

So I’m playing as Michael and I’m a fair way into the game and all is well and I’m not emotionally attached – UNTIL I find the car of my dreams, a red mini with a white stripe down the middle (okay, I may have taken it to a Los Santos Customs place for the stripe), and I park it in my garage and go away to do a mission. When I get back though, my turd of a son is driving out of the garage in MY BRAND NEW DREAM CAR like a moron and slamming repeatedly into a bush.

Yeah, eff you too, kid.

….It was then that I also learnt I couldn’t shoot him, stupid ‘necessity for the plot’ or some daft reason. So instead I followed him out into the street and tried to blow up *sniff* the car as one final vengeance, just to see how the game would react. The car was of course invincible and as a result I had to abandon the plan and drive away as the cops were very cross with me at this point.

…….I hate that kid.



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