Versatile Award!

So, I found this post half finished in my drafts box, and never got round to finishing it, soooooo let’s go!

The rules for this award are to do the following:

  • You must post the award and write who nominated you for it.
  • You have to give 15 awards to 15 other bloggers that you think deserve it.
  • Leave them a comment on their page to let them know that they have been nominated for this award.
  • Post seven cool things about yourself.

I was nominated by the lovely Wretched and Divine, thanks again!

  1. I’m an international sports player – I play cricket for the Hong Kong womens national team! Don’t believe me? Google me! “Dominique McCusker”
  2. I can mimic whistling ringtones with amazing accuracy. I use this to my advantage and to everyone else’s dismay, because I do it so often and so sporadically that whenever they hear these ringtones (even when I’m not there), they automatically assume it was me that did it!
  3. I took ice skating lessons for roughly 8 years. I started learning from a very young age, and stopped at the level where you start doing those jumps and the more fancy tricks with your feet. It’s not that I couldn’t do it or that I lost interest, I think I just hit a point where I decided other things (school, cricket) were where I should be focussing on… I still adore ice skating though!
  4. I apparently am pitch perfect! I can play a ukulele, guitar, and piano with varying levels of skill… But I’ve never really been able to remember how to read sheet music correctly. I think there was a period of maybe a month where I could, but it’s long gone. There was one afternoon when a piano teacher came over, I was playing and she instructed me to play a particular song, and set the book up. I wasn’t paying attention to the book at all, so started playing it from memory (because I had learnt it by ear), and when I looked up at the book for the first time (about 20 seconds in), the book was upside down and my teacher gave me a look that was a mix of amusement and disappointment… but I like to think amusement won out. …I will learn one day!!!
  5. I’m extremely well traveled. I’ve been travelling since I was less than a year old, and have been to over 25 different countries, North Korea included!
  6. I cook an amazing risotto – I experiment with different flavours all the time!
  7. I have a YouTube channel that I’m hopefully going to start posting to more regularly… I had old videos of me singing covers of songs but I took them all down because they were a bit embarrassing.

…thank you again for nominating me! Finally, I nominate these blogs:

  1. PatKayBITES
  2. One Broke Girl
  3. Polish and Paste
  4. My Hong Kong husband
  5. Strangegirl

….I would have done 15 but there’s only so much copying and pasting of links I can do before I go mad….


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