Suddenly, life!

Eep. Sorry to my regular readers (there’s thousands and thousands of you, I know *sarcasm*) – I had last week off uni so I’ve been using it to catch up on stuff, so I haven’t posted much over the last few days because my scheduled posts ran out!

So, here’s a bit of a ‘dear diary’ post to make up for it…

I spent all of Friday out in the city showing one of my best friends from Hong Kong around the CBD – she’s going to be living here for the next few months, which is pretty exciting! We ended the day with hotpot (of course), which was pretty good quality considering we were out of Asia!


On Saturday I went out to Chapel street with a friend, had lunch at a really nice cafe and the food was really nice except there was a huge piece of plastic in the dish I ordered… but that aside, it was really nice. Then went for a wander up and down the street and went to Topshop and a whole bunch of other overpriced pretentious stores… and yet still got things.

Saturday night also featured potentially the craziest 21st birthday party I’ve been to, details of which I won’t go into in depth because my FAMILY reads this. All I’ll say is I ended up at home in the not-so-wee hours of the morning with many visuals I’ll never get out of my head. #CRAAAZY #FIRE #WHIPPED CREAM


All of Sunday was cricket. ALL OF IT. I played a T20 for Box Hill, opened and made 28, and was THREE FREAKING BALLS SHORT of carrying my bat ( = not getting out for those not cricket-savvy). So frustrating! Also yes, batting for 20ish overs and making only 28 isn’t immensely strong, but I was part of a 100+ run partnership, and in terms of the role I play in teams, that’s pretty darn swell. Bowling wise I had a pretty good day too, bowled two maidens in a row (and then my captain took me off..) and almost got a wicket. I had an indoor match last night too against one of my teammates from Box Hill, which was fun! We got thrashed, but I hit the back net a couple times so I’m happy with that.


…obligatory ‘Hey I’m wearing a cricket uniform!’ selfie #TangLove

Man I’m so sore today. Aches aside I have a really badly placed bruise on the base of my thumb, which makes using my hands quite painful. My legs are the worst, I don’t think I’ll be able to get up from my chair after I finish typing this. But that’s okay, I’m quite alright to be plonked in front of my computer all day, I have heaps of work to do. Although, I am hungry. Bleh. Maybe I’ll make mexican food. Maybe I should stop typing out my train of thought, this is getting irrelevant.



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