Just a short thought. I think about this a lot, and have done so all my life and will do until the end of it. Everyone you meet had a life before they met you. Now, yes, initially that sounds vain and selfish and very obvious. But once you start to think about it the thought settles in a bit deeper. Your current partner? They had a whole life before you, possibly/most likely including other romantic interests, and most interestingly lived a single life, all while you lived out a life oblivious of their existence.

Your current best friends? Most likely the same, they would have had previous best friends, friendships that may have been doomed to fall apart or just fade away. They would have been making memories to look back on nostalgically before they even knew you, while you were in another suburb, city or country making your own memories.

All of this is again, very obvious. But take those thoughts, and bring them to the present. Unless you live in a very secluded and remote area, you most definitely haven’t met everyone you’re going to know. There are people out there living their lives, maybe future co-workers, friends, lovers, enemies, all going about their day who will one day meet you and become part of your life. I don’t mean this in a deterministic way, just that statistically there are going to be people who will meet you one day at a crossroads point in your lives and continue travelling with you, whether it’s for life or just for a little while.

Your next boyfriend/girlfriend (if you are going to have one) is out there right now. Who knows, maybe they’re in a relationship? Maybe they think they’ve found ‘the one’? Maybe years down the line they will tell you of stories about how they thought they had found forever when who they really wanted was you.

The cute baby you’re going to see sitting in a pram in 20-30 years? Their parents are in potty-training right now. The next music sensation? Probably undiscovered, singing in their shower for only their family to hear.

You can see how easily I get lost in this train of thought, but how can you not? I’m always left with the same question: I wonder who’s out there for me that I’ll know one day?


What do you think?

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