Hot Dog Tacos

Guys. Guys. Guuuyyyyys. Hot dog tacos. Hot. Dog. Tacos. SO GOOD. Okay, so I’m most definitely not the first to do this, but the idea struck me when I was deciding what to cook for dinner, and thus an idea was born!


It was pretty much just regular tacos (pictured above is: cheese, lettuce, refried beans, meat-y filling and guacamole as well as taco shells) plus a frankfurter each. The other two shells were just plain tacos – still delicious though!


I’m trying to conquer different cuisines at the moment, I’ve got italian (risottos and pastas) covered, so this week I’ve been trying mexican.. and maybe next week I’ll move onto something else! …or, more likely, I’ll just go back to making risottos. Mmmmmmm, food.


What do you think?

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