As a blogger, statistics mean everything. The number of views, likes and comments can make or break my day. Now, as much as I do enjoy creating the more girly and ‘fashion-y’ posts I put up, I always get the feeling that part of me is doing it partly for ‘cheap’ likes and views. If anything, what I want to be remembered for are the more serious posts I put up, where I’m not just an un-named girl relaying style trends and painting her nails, but actually talking about something serious that I put time and effort into. Yet, on these posts I get a couple of likes, and rarely a comment, but within minutes of posting a fashion-related post it’s gotten likes and I see an increase of views on the page. I suppose it works in my favour, fashion posts bring people to the site, some of whom hopefully read the other things I write.

Still, I’m always left wondering what kind of impression people have of me based on my blog.

What do you think?

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