No doubt part of the latest ‘secret’ marketing campaign to go viral, this symbol above and the hashtag “#WINNER TAKES EARTH” has appeared all over the globe, from Times Square (above) to the UK (below).

…I did a bit of digging and from what I can tell it’s a football (or ‘soccer’ if you’re from the US) ad campaign, as you can see a football in the centre of the biohazard-esque logo, alongside the use of ‘winner’, suggesting some form of competition. Although, I read a comment pointing out that in each of the videos contains Samsung technology somewhere, so this may have been run by Samsung, although the football connections are very clear (perhaps Samsung will be a sponsor for the next world cup?). On the website that accompanies these strange appearances, after a video is watched the following appears on the screen, with lists of football stadiums:

I was just about to leave it there, but then I saw that at Stamford Bridge (and the two other stadiums mentioned), groups of men in ‘interesting’ attire (below) were spotted, sporting the logos and performing strange acts in silence including standing and raising their arms in unison.

…who knows what’ll be next in this weird global campaign? Unfortunately I doubt it’ll be as interesting as actual aliens, but hey, we can hope! I just wonder what they have in store for the ‘reveal’…


The following video has also been released:

So, definitely football, and I’m still 95% sure Samsung is behind this as well considering the connections they have to the stadiums mentioned above.


9 thoughts on “#WinnerTakesEarth

  1. snafu0815 says:

    Its Samsung:

    $ dig +short mysteriouscircles.com

    $ whois
    Organization Name : SamsungSDS Inc.

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