The Beast

I’ll be honest, when I went with my friend Cat to go see Eddie Perfect’s play ‘The Beast‘, I had no idea what to expect. My impression of Mr Perfect has only really been from Offspring, Shane Warne the Musical, and his role in Perfect Tripod. I was unsure how good his written work would be when he was not the one delivering it, although I knew that he had also written and performed standup on social commentary which I liked, so I had faith that this play would be a good’un.




The Beast!


I was absolutely blown away by the performance. From the word go I was laughing, the delivery and the comedic timing absolutely spot on, the social observations leaving me nodding in agreement with tears of laughter rolling down my cheek.

Throughout the performance I was reminded time and time again why I love theatre, and how much I had missed it since leaving the not-so-theatrical world of Hong Kong, where I only managed to catch the odd Fringe show and pantomime.

I’m not going to really go into the plot itself, but at one particularly intense and dramatic point (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve seen it too) I was frantically yoyo-ing between being on the edge of my seat and attempting to curl up and hide behind all the clothing I could put in front of my eyes.

All in all it’s a masterfully written and brilliantly executed piece of satire, and for all that my words are worth I would recommend that you try to get along to see it before it finishes on Nov 9th!


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