Last minute Halloween costumes

So, here we are, October 30th. Halloween is tomorrow. You don’t have a costume. What to do?? Here are some ridiculously easy (although slightly daft) costumes you can throw together with the not-so-much time and not-so-many resources you’ll be able to find!

  • Go to Coles, steal a red ‘Down down!’ finger. Wear nothing but underwear (skin coloured if possible). Stick your tongue out a lot, and have a crack at twerking. You’re Miley Cyrus!
  • Stick a black rectangular piece of card on your back. Wear anything else you want, costume or plain clothing. You’re a fridge magnet!
  • Go to a thrift store , spend $20 on as many different items as you can allow, the weirder the better (alternatively, borrow some clothes from your grandparents closet). You’re Macklemore! Bonus points if you sing ‘Thrift shop’ all night
  • Buy a bag of sand and carry it around all night. You’re the sandman!
  • Make and wear a ‘Hi, my name is Frank!’ badge, and carry a beer mug around with you. You’re Frank’n’stein!
  • Wear something vaguely orange. When people ask what you are, reply with ‘RING DING DING DING DING DING DING’, ‘WHA PA PA PA PA PA POW’, or the like. You’re the fox!
  • Tape a key to one of your shoes. You’re low-key! (Loki? No? Are these getting too obscure?)

…yes, I am ashamed to say I thought of all of these. NO JUDGING.

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