The Spices of Life

Just a thought… why don’t they sell spices in smaller quantities? I mean, most of the time I use about half of a bit of a shred of a small pinch (this is a technical term of mine) in any given recipe, especially concerning stronger spices and when I’m cooking for one. I remember buying a bottle of dill one time because a recipe called for half a teaspoon of the stuff, and here I am a year and a half later trying to rack my brain for recipes that might help me use it up… to the point where I can ashamedly admit a few months ago I made a ‘dill sauce’ for pasta which was essentially dill, cheese and butter. Gross.

I reckon that they should sell spices in little sachets, like how you get salt, pepper and sugar in cafes? They could even make a vending machine for them at supermarkets, you could buy the tiny quantity you need for a recipe with the small change left over from buying your groceries! I don’t know marketing and business well though, so this might all be more cost than it’s worth… but hey, I strongly bay-leaf that there’s a market out there for people who don’t want to slowly accumulate an encyclopaedia of spices in their house!! (…yes, I mint to use that awful pun. Sage advice, spend too much thyme with me and you’ll hear way too many awful puns… Chive tried to stop saying them, but anise to get them out of my system. I’m sorry.)


What do you think?

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