Humble brag

Ah, cricket… I love you. I’m letting myself have a bit of a proud moment here, because just look at my bowling stats below!

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 7.03.03 PM

(For anyone who doesn’t ‘speak’ cricket, just take my word on it that this is goooood.)

7 maidens. 7! There’s still always room for improvement though, the maidens are great, but I’m aiming to get plenty more wickets before the season’s done, even at the cost of a couple more runs here and there – each game this season my team has won by a substantial amount, so I figure I can play around a little bit and try a couple of things with my deliveries.

In other good news, I recently had this beauty (pictured below on the right) come in the mail, my brand new bat from B3 Cricket! Feels like a dream, I can’t wait to use it out in the middle! Thanks goes to my mate Scott McKechnie for getting me in touch with these guys. If you’re in need of a new bat, I would definitely recommend their services – I got to customise pretty much everything about the blade itself, something I’ve never had the opportunity to do before!



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