Summer bucket list!

As of yesterday, I’m officially on summer holiday! …and I totally called it, as soon as my exams finished so did that brief nice weather, and now we’re back to cold. Though with the temperament of the Melbourne weather I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a blistering hot day or two soon!Β And as if by magic, as soon as I typed that it started raining. Well screw you too, Melbourne weather.

Anyway! Since the dawn of my existence I’ve never really done anything productive with myself over holidays (except maybe starting this blog, which is actually pretty counter-productive when I’m studying), so I thought I’d come up with a bucket list!

  • Go to the Zoo
  • Take ‘creative’ photos
  • Get on the big screen at the MCG
  • Meet/take photos with at least 3 famous people
  • Go to the beach
  • Do a photoshoot
  • Invent cocktails
  • Redesign my garden
  • Face painting
  • Bake!
  • Go on a picnic
  • Try to take a ‘professional’ photo of something I make (food/drink/crafts)
  • Go camping
  • Have an awful corny movie night
  • Go bowling
  • Make some pixel art
  • Go out for breakfast
  • Send actual mail
  • Draw a comic
  • Try something out of my comfort zone
  • Learn some interesting facts
  • Make a YouTube video (/summer scrap-video?)
  • Watch the sunset
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Mini golf

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