There’s going to be a whole lot of fangirling this summer…

Ahhh – so, I am well and truly on holidays now, and so far I’ve been doing a fairly poor job of trying to complete my bucket list. But I did get to go see some comedy last night, at The Toff In Town! I went to see The Shelf for the first time, and my oh my it was fantastic. There was a stellar lineup, with both familiar faces to me and some new ones that I warmed to as soon as they took the mic.


It’s been a while since my last comedy gig, I think the last time was on my birthday, so at the beginning of September? Anyway – I was so so so pumped for this – and I think it showed a little bit. When my friend and I went up to the bar to get some drinks, I noticed that Tom Gleeson and Lehmo were just casually having a conversation not 5 feet away from where I was standing.

…I am ashamed to say I actually said the words, “Oh my God, they’re real.” Thankfully they didn’t see/hear that – I think.

Anywho, The Shelf is on next Monday and then the Monday after that with different lineups each week – I’ve already got tickets to week three, and am honestly considering buying tickets for next week too. Bah – should’ve just gotten a season pass! Rookie mistake, Dom.

If you’re in Melbourne I’d definitely recommend it, it’s a hilarious show! (I’d get onto buying tickets soon – I have a strong feeling they’ll both sell out)


What do you think?

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