Who needs hour-long queues when you’ve got my dumb luck?

Oh gosh, where do I even start. Okay, maybe the beginning of the day is a good idea. Yes, yes, chronological order. Good. My mind’s still a jumble. Let’s give writing this out a go!

So as you may know, Hannah and Mamrie Hart arrived in Melbourne this morning for the Contiki RoadTrip. My initial thought of course was ‘Wow, maybe I should go into the city and try and find them!’, but I soon dismissed that thought because I mean, Melbourne has literally thousands of people walking it’s streets, there was no chance in hell that I was going to just ‘bump into’ them.

But still, the weather was glorious, and I decided that it would be a good day to sit in the new reading spot I found near the town hall. Yes, I go to the city to read. Shhh. I’m cool. I packed ‘Looking for Alaska’ in my bag, and in a last minute decision I put in the gifts I had made for the two YouTubers in with it. Couldn’t hurt, right?

FYI – not that you’re dying to know, but still – I had bought two mini cricket bats (the exact miniatures of the Grey-Nicholls bat that I use), and personalised them each to You Deserve A Drink and My Drunk Kitchen respectively, and wrote a message on them. Crafty-wafty! …ah, sorry, never using that phrase again.

20131128-012406.jpgSo I get to the city, sun is shining and I tell myself that I’ll wander around for 10 minutes, and if I don’t see them then it’s no big deal, I haven’t lost much time at all, and I’ll go and sit and read. 10 minutes pass and I’m wandering out of Fed Square, results as expected. No sign of either.

I walk to the bridge and look out over the Yarra (excuse me while I reminisce), it’s shimmering… brown-ness, reminding me of the Shing Mun river back at home in Hong Kong. Mmm. Brown. I’m looking out at the skies when a thought strikes me: bloody hell, it’s hot.

No chop, chorlock.

A thought strikes me – the National Gallery of Victoria is close by, free, and most importantly, air conditioned! Also home to some wonderful pieces that I can stare for hours at. So I wander (I use this word often, but only that’s exactly what I was doing. No hastiness about where I was going, most of the day dictated by an ‘ehh, let’s go that way!’) over to the NGV, and as I go in I notice a redhead in a group of people, making a passing mental note that she looked like one of my sisters from behind, shrugging it off and going inside.

It’s only when I get inside that I hear her voice – waves of memories of YouTube videos come to my mind and I turn around, and it’s Mamrie! She saw me notice her, and I say hi briefly and give her the gift I made.

I was a puddle of emotions. You know how you hear about people meeting their idols and melting into an incoherent blubber of gibberish and emotions? You know how you always think to yourself, ‘hah that won’t be me, I’d totally be cool about it’? Wrong. Always wrong.

Thankfully she is so nice and wonderful. She shook my hand, took a photo with me and then gave me a hug. She said that Hannah was resting back in the hotel, so I put the thought of maybe seeing her out of my mind and went on my way to enjoy the gallery.


A few hours later and I was still in the city, still coming down from the nerves of genuinely accidentally meeting someone famous. What were the odds? I’m still in disbelief, even now as I type this. I was walking back towards Flinders station, about to go home, have dinner and sleep (and here’s me now, 1AM and writing), when I see a floral snapback and a white v-neck shirt. A wild Hannah Hart!


Both of us looking at ourselves instead of the camera.. goooood.

The nerves came back, but this time I at least had a 10 second head start to get a check on my gibberish-ness. A man who had been with Mamrie when I saw her before gestured to me in recognition from before, and I went over and said hi to Hannah. She told me that she thought the mini-cricket bat was really cool, and I gave her the one I made for her (plus a Doctor Who shot glass). We hugged and got selfies, and then I told her about the Hartosexual group I had made on Facebook. I asked if she would help get the word out, and the next minute I’m smiling (sort of?) for a photo to go on HER instagram. INSTAGRAM, y’know, where she has 174k followers… Which was then shared to twitter with another 253k, and her tumblr with goodness knows how many followers. No biggie. Potentially half a million people saw my face today. It’s cool.


…and then later I saw my face on the ‘popular’ page… so weird!


Anyway, we hugged and split ways, and now a few hours later I’m here writing this all up. Today has been insane. The thing that kept replaying in my head was that the gathering ISN’T EVEN TODAY. It’s tomorrow! Oh my, I get to go through this all again.


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