Trouble and Mischief take the Great Barrier Reef! – Day one


So. Today, I can say that someone LITERALLY ran over my iPad with a golf buggy. But we’ll get to that later. The day started way way waaaay before that, at 4am when I had to get up and pack. Yes, pack. Over my many years of travelling I’ve learnt how to speed-pack, to the point where I now put it off until the very last minute.

Anyway, packing done, I set off to meet Mariko, before heading to the airport. We got in and boarded with just enough time to purchase and basically inhale a meagre imitation of breakfast. Ahh, airport food. The plane journey went quickly with the help of a pack of cards, and was fairly uneventful.

Finally, we arrived! Little did we know this was barely the end of the travelling, but at the time we hung around waiting for the ferry, taking in the sights (and taking many many photographs). We walked by a golf buggy rental place near where the ferry was to leave from, so we plonked our bags down – Mariko’s on the buggy, mine on the ground in front of the next buggy along – and sat in one of them while we waited.

5 minutes passed, and we were still on the buggy. A man got onto the buggy next to ours, and began to pull away… I don’t notice until it was too late. Before I could squeak a noise out of my mouth, I saw the front wheel of the buggy casually (and by that I mean with all the weight of the vehicle plus the 30-ish year old man inside) roll over my bag.

My mind went blank.

Then, slowly…


iPad. iPad iPad iPad iPaaaad IPAD.

I managed to pull the bag out, then open it with all the anticipation and dread of potentially the worlds worst Christmas present… But no, thankfully it was safe.

I put my bag on the back of the buggy, and attempted to return my breathing to normal. But that wasn’t the end, oh no. Not 5 minutes after that, the buggy we were sat in just began to roll forward… Headed in the direction of the ocean. Eep. No bueno. Once we had it sorted, we hastily moved away from the buggies. Smart move, I think.

After re-locating to a buggy-free environment, we waited for the ferry, on which we got BURNED. I’m not joking, I had 4 different tan lines from where I had gone ‘LOOK I’M TANNING – I’M NOT READYY’ and hiked my shorts up more.

The ferry journey was really scenic and brought us to Airlie beach. We ended up taking an accidental detour on the way to our accommodation, but it was wonderful and beautiful and everything was gooood. Finally after having lunch and checking in, we did terribly exciting things like buy groceries and watch cricket – so I feel like details are not realllly necessary here.

Now, to bed, to bed. Big week ahead!


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