Trouble and Mischief take the Great Barrier Reef! – Day two/three

Day two of our trip can be summarised as: Shopping. Shopping. Ice cream! Shopping. Shopping. Fooooood. Bar! Beer! New friends! Discovery that new friends are all leaving the next day. Massive life-story sharing! Bed.

Today (Day 3) we went on a crocodile safari! Heaps of fun, despite the fact that its not exactly the season for it. There were only 6 of us on the tour, but it was nice and personal, and we were able to do more because the guide was able to supervise us easier. We started by going out on the water to see if we could spy some crocs – unfortunately, none of the big ones were out. But there were heaps of baby ones, which was really cute! Not so cute when we were told that the larger ones would eat them given the chance… Talk about family issues! We did spot the heads of some of the larger ones, but none of them were up on the banks for us to see in their full length.

Anyway, a long trip later and we came back to a really good BBQ lunch. After that we went out on the second part of the tour, through the wetlands to spy all sorts of animals – including so so many wallabies – and all sorts of interesting facts about the forests. I found a wallaby that was really close to our group while we were on foot, which was cool. It felt like Aussie ‘Where’s Wally?’, but more like ‘Where’s wallaby?’. Ehehehehe.

We continued through the wetland, then pulled up by an ants nest. The guide got out a bunch of ants, and started telling us how different parts of them tasted. He said that the rear end of the ant – which was bulbous and green – tasted like lemon/lime. He then asked if anyone would lick one to see for themselves. Being the sensible and respectable people we are, we both did it.

He wasn’t lying!

After that part of the tour was done, we headed back for some damper, similar to a big outback scone with sultanas, with a nice cup of tea. Omnom. They showed us some mudcrabs with impressive claws that had been caught, and after that the day was done, and we had a good half hour long drive back to our accommodation.

Tonight we went to the bar next door for beer pong, but we ended up playing pool with some guys and missed the sign-up! Ah well. Pool was good.

Now to bed, sailing trip tomorrow!


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