Oh, to be articulate.

Man, I wish I was even half as articulate as half of the people I know. I mean, sure, on paper I have time to compose my thoughts, decide on phrasing and get my message across fairly well. I’d even go as far as saying I have a really good writing style (albeit not appreciated by my science tutors), which I’ve worked on for years. I reckon I’m at least relatable, and at best pretty witty.

Anywho, enough with the weird juxtaposition of modesty and self-deprecation.

I just wish I had even a fraction of the eloquence in speech that someone like Hannah Hart does. I mean, just look at the video below:

It’s a one-shot, off the cuff train of thought about something not-so-simple, and not once does she ‘um’ and ‘ahh’ to the point where she would need to pause the recording and start it up again after recollecting her thoughts. It would take me maybe half an hour and about 40 takes to speak even half of what she said, and it would still be fractured and incoherent.

Maybe it just comes with age and experience. Maybe I’ll get there one day. I can only hope!


What do you think?

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