Wait, it’s not 2012?

Happy 2014! Hope everyone who reads this has had a wonderful new year! I spent my night at two places, started off at an 80’s themed party, where we won trivia and drank and wrote oh-so-meaningful resolutions on post-it notes, before we ended up at a club on the other side of town… still clothed in 80’s garb. Brilliant. Nothing screams ‘I’m an independent young woman who doesn’t feel the need to bow to your fashion expectations’ like wearing neon pink leg warmers and lace fingerless gloves while dancing next to 18-19 year olds in skirts that were one hike up away from being belts.

Classy as always, ladies.

Anyway. The countdown itself was quite amusing, as the DJ who had the New Year set obviously had already planned which song and which segment of the song he wanted for the countdown, which unfortunately came on at 11:57… so yeah, we brought in the year a little early. But hey, what’s the difference of a few minutes when you’ve spent the last four hours celebrating anyway?

All in all, it was good.

As for resolutions this year, I have only two. Usually I end up with the whole ‘Lose 5kg’, ‘get abs’, ‘go to the gym’, etc etc, which eventually devolve into ‘don’t eat the ENTIRE block of chocolate in one go… well, go on the, but ONLY if you go for a run… sometime…. maybe.’ So initially I was going to have the resolution of ‘Stop making awful resolutions’, but then I figured something a little more proactive wouldn’t go astray.

So, the first of my two is a somewhat peculiar one, but I’ll explain what I mean:

“Make better small decisions.”

What I mean by that is that say for example, I’m in a food court. Iย could go for a KFC 5 stars box, or whatever wonderful concoctions of chicken and grease they have on special… or I could instead go for a healthier option at the place next door. Just the little decisions. I’m not swearing off fast food for the whole year, but if I can make the choice to eat something healthier more often than not, I’ll be in a much better place. Similarly, taking stairs to escalators, having a glass of water instead of a soft drink, etc etc. The idea is that all of these little things will build up, and over time I’ll hopefully see the difference.

Resolution number two is much more broad, just:

“Put myself first.”

One of my flaws, if it can be called that, is that I put other people first. I’ve done it time and time again, and every now and then I’ll end up doing it to the point where I suffer because of it. Anyway, long story short, this year I’m going to be selfish. Do what I want, and be around only the people I want to be with.

Huzzah for resolutions! I was originally also planning on starting a project I’d like to have called ‘Blog365’, where I blog every single day of the year, but… considering this post is going up technically on the 3rd, I don’t think it would do very well. Maybe next year? Who knows. Lets see what 2014 brings first!


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