A society set to self-destruct.

Why do we do things that are bad for us? It doesn’t make sense. It’s a kind of hedonistic selfishness, albeit at our own expense. Take smoking, drinking, among other drug taking in general. Why do we do it? I mean, the reasons are obvious: it gives us a high, etc, but is it really okay that our species and societies have malformed to the point where we are okay with ruining our insides just for the dopamine kicks? Where’s the survival instinct? Is it gone perhaps because we know in the back of our minds that we are now just one individual among the drowning masses?

If we were to disappear (spare the emotional sentiment for this thought), would anything really miss us? The simple answer is no. The sun would rise the next day and people would be born and people would die. Is it this that has spawned our reckless nature? I believe that it is. Is it a bad thing? I suppose so. But if we think of the big picture, with this big spinning rock in an even bigger universe, I suppose getting drunk and ruining your insides isn’t the end of the world.

Just the end of you.

(PSA: Don’t do dangerous drugs, kids. Be careful. Do not take this post as a permission-slip to go out and be completely reckless!)


What do you think?

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