Oopth, life!

I am an adult. I am independent. I am strong. But that doesn’t mean I’m not also hiding in my bedroom because I found a mahoosive bug crawling on my sofa. No thank you, sir! The fact is though, I live alone so eventually I’m going to have to deal with it. But not right now. Now is for internet and constantly getting paranoid as my camera strap grazes against my leg.

Mm. You’d think after the 3rd time I’d move it so I’m not so jumpy. Eh. Lazy.

So, apologies for not posting lately… Life happens, sometimes! There’s been so much on lately… birthdays, volunteering, cricket, DOCTOR WHO + MSO, projects, spending afternoons with gorgeous people, parties (Australia Day, oh my lord.), ice creams, pizzas… y’know, the good stuff. I am a lucky lady!

I also got my driving learners permit, which is been pretty good so far. Drove to the shops and back with a friend, and didn’t come out of it traumatised! There was a massive truck next to me at one point, and I didn’t freak out! I was quite proud of that, they’re awfully big and scary.

…I should really go deal with the bug situation before it does the bug thing and disappears into oblivion, only to re-appear when I finally persuade myself that maybe it just preferred to be outside. Eeeeep.

I’m always so amazed at how great people are. I started a Melbourne Hartosexual group back in late November/December, and since then we’ve had monthly book clubs in the park, volunteer days – yesterday marked the 6th one I think? – plus so so many general social gatherings! I can say for sure that I’ve made lifelong friends in this group, and ahh I can feel myself getting all warm and fuzzy and I should stop before I start typing mush. mush mush. mush.Β FOCUS, DOM.

Wheeeeeeeeee. This is going to sound lame, but I’m so glad I’m alive and where I am right now. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Ehhh, mush. I am happy, and alive – unlike the bug now on my living room floor.

I squished ‘dat mudaf*cka.


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