Mmm. Life has been super stressful lately. I also ended up back on my old old oooold blog out of curiosity, feeling a bit nostalgic. I don’t have as much time to write at the moment as I’d like to, hopefully that will change soon, so for now, have these wise (maybe naive? I don’t know.) words from 19-year old me:

Life is tough. Everyone knows this. No matter who you are, where you live, or what you believe, there’s always going to be times of hardship, pain and sorrow. It’s times like these that push us to our very limits, tempting us with the easy way out, all the while teaching us lessons we know we need to learn, however painful it may be.

It’s times like these that really let us see ourselves for who we are; the strong and mighty secretly hiding a fragile soul behind their thick outer armour, the quiet ones who have spartan strength within when they need it most. Without the trials life throws at us, we’ll never get to really see the true side of ourselves.

But the question then changes from “Who am I?” to “Do I like it?” No matter the answer, in a sense we’re all stuck. Who we are inside can’t be changed, for then we would not be ourselves anymore. So the aim then is to live with knowing who you are, how you are, and your own strengths and weaknesses. In some this may instill hope and ideas, but in others, fear and a form of self-disgust.

But it shouldn’t.

Life is meant to be lived, we are all meant to be here, and most importantly, we should enjoy what we have. We’re not meant to get bogged down with sadness, hurt or loneliness. I mean, after all, there are billions of people on the planet, surely there’s someone who can make you smile!

But then come the difficult times again, and the heaviness creeps back in, slowly taking over and shutting you down from the inside. People seem distant when you know they are not, and life’s once bright hues seem dimmed.

This is when the true Diamond inside us all should shine bright. Diamonds shine bright through rain and shine, their beauty and strength overcoming all. They are ‘αδάμας’, ‘unbreakable’ and ‘untamed’ and are loved for this very reason. You can carve away at it, put it through unbearable flames, and still it emerges intact on the other side, gleaming brighter than before, because it’s what’s inside that counts.

After all, you can’t break a Diamond.
(Unless you get an anvil, but then you’ve got bigger issues.)

What do you think?

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