2AM thoughts on change

I’ll just be upfront about my point here because I’m drafting this post at 2am: changing your mind about something is perfectly okay. Dreams that we’ve held on to, and the people that we thought we would grow into sometimes change.

Someone who wanted to be a physicist may realise that what they really want is to be an artist, someone devoted to the arts may decide humanitarian work is more ‘them’. Someone who thought they would most likely spend their life with someone of the opposite sex may find themselves in love with someone of the same gender. Hell, someone who once ate steaks on a weekly basis may decide to go vegan.

And this is all perfectly okay. As we grow older we experience more, and ultimately learn more about who we are as individuals. Change is natural.

What’s not okay is beating yourself up about changing your mind. I know from personal experience that changing your mind on a goal you’ve held tight (and made known to people) can feel embarrassing and humiliating, but it really shouldn’t.  What’s also not okay is if people don’t support you when you do change, especially if it’s about something important to you. Family and friends are meant to be there for you, not to hold you to some ideals that fit with what they want.


What do you think?

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