Writers cut.

I want to say I have writers block, but I don’t. I just haven’t been able to write anything lately that I’m comfortable putting up online anywhere. My phone has been increasingly filled with more and more short creative pieces, but because of either their triggering (and very personal) nature or because who they’re about, I’m never sure if I should put them up anywhere, so I’ve always erred on the side of keeping them to myself. Hopefully my neutral writing comes back to me, tales and stories that are completely (or at least partially) fictional and not a direct ‘these are my emotions and this is exactly how I’m experiencing them RIGHT NOW‘ stream of consciousness.

Maybe I’ll do some sort of ‘write a 100 word fic a day’ thing and find some prompts… Most likely not though. Ah. Writer problems! Thinking about it, I’d be more likely to write out a whole bunch of prompts. I have a lot of ideas, but I never get around to turning those starting ideas into anything substantial.



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