Not cool, autocorrect.

So. Those of you with smartphones I hope will be able to relate to me here. This is something that’s happened for a while, but for some inexplicable reason more often lately. I’ll be happily sending messages/writing posts, and everything will be fine and dandy until I hit ‘post’ and then go back and re-read what I’ve sent/published, and BOOM. Autocorrect strikes again. Something stupid will have been corrected to some other dumb word, completely throwing off the jist of what I was going for. I mean sure, in this day and age people are quick to realise that no, I didn’t really mean ‘when you’re in from of me’, rather my phone decided that front wasn’t quite the word I was going for. Also yes, sure, go ahead and misspell my best friend’s surname. ON HER BIRTHDAY TOO.

Thanks, phone. But I think I can handle my messages myself.


What do you think?

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