People are the worst.

Now, I do not exclude myself from the title of this post, but every now and then something happens and it just reminds me how much I am disgusted by people’s attitudes. So I was on my way home from the city the other night, and I see that my train line is partially suspended – so naturally I roll my eyes and go ‘oh great, what a joy’, internal voice laden with sarcasm. I get on the train and take it as far as it’s going.

Upon arrival I see a throng of people amassing around one bus. Easily a whole train’s worth of people trying to get on one bus. ‘Ain’t gonna happen. Anyway, my inner Hong Kong-douchebag characteristics kick in and I make sure I walk quickly, weaving in through the others getting off my train to make sure I’m one of the first over to this massive crowd. It’s pointless, as I soon realise that despite the fact that there are officials there trying to keep people under control, there is no queue system. Mmm, great. I come to a halt, and put on my best ‘I don’t even care’ stance, perfected all throughout my teenage years.

In all this time I have not once questioned why the train line was suspended from one station onwards, but I start to wonder as the solitary bus with the lucky few drives off around the corner. A man behind me is talking to a friend of his, and says that someone was hit by a train. Suddenly everything has a different tone. I was once in a rush to get somewhere, but now not so much. I wonder how many people around me heard, and how many were still like how I was, thinking only of themselves.

Another bus comes, and madness descends. Nice-looking men in business attire become arrogant and pushy, mums following suit by shoving their kids on the bus first so they by default have to get on, bringing their entire extended family with them. I fall about 5 people short of getting on this bus and once again my selfish mind scoffs at those before me. I tell myself off. It’s not that important that I get on *that* bus. There will be more.

As they were packing the last few onto the bus though, I heard the most insensitive thing I have in a long while. One of the officials who was doing ‘crowd control’ (if you could call it that), turned to another and said “Hah, wouldn’t it be funny if someone got hit by the bus and then we had to run another replacement line” before chucking and walking off.

Ugh. No it wouldn’t, you insensitive prick.

Eventually came the bus journey, which was quite heartwarming. The bus driver was really nice, and kept apologising to everyone for the ‘inconvenience’. Also strangers began to talk to each other, asking directions and locations and the like.

I’m not sure why I felt so compelled to write this all out, I guess people’s behaviours have always just fascinated me.


One thought on “People are the worst.

  1. makimorita says:

    This is so true! We live such rushed lifestyles that a small breakdown in the system puts people completely off balance. No one has the time to think about anyone except for themselves these days!

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