Sunday rain

I stood outside on the balcony, hoping my stubbornness would make the rain stop. The water was soaking my hair, droplets falling down onto my sundress before rolling off and splashing on my new shoes. The shoes I may or may not have bought especially for today.

“Babe come inside, you’ll catch a cold!”

I stayed still for a just moment longer, my arms crossed. Today was meant to be bright, not grey. I turned on my heel, let out a sigh and walked back inside. It was only as the air conditioning hit me I realised how drenched I had gotten. I looked down at my dress, the yellow fabric dampened with the rain.

“Aw, come here, it’s okay” Elise offered, walking over to me. She wrapped her arms around me and held my head against her chest. “Today was meant to be sunny” I groaned, my voice muffled by her shirt, “And you’re gonna be all wet now. Stupid rain.” I squeezed her tight, before taking a step back. “What are we going to do now?” I huffed.

“You go get some dry clothes on, I’ve got an idea.”

On my way to the bedroom I passed the kitchen, where a picnic basket lay full of sandwiches, crisps and other snacks for the picnic not meant to be. Letting my inner child reign for a moment, I pouted and dragged my feet into the bedroom and threw open the closet doors. What to wear? I guess it made no difference now.

My dress fell to the floor and I put on one of my raggedy band shirts and a pair of shorts. I was shaking the rain from my hair when I heard something crashing to the ground in the living room. I rushed out to see Elaine standing with a guilty look on her face, mouth agape and pointing at the broken plate on the floor as if that would un-shatter it.

“Ya goofball, what did you-” It was only then that I noticed the rest of the room. The pillows and throw blankets from all the couches were on the floor, constructed into a makeshift pillow fort. The DVD player was starting up, my favourite movie DVD case lay open and emptied on top of it. My eyes went back to Elise. She was hunched over, having gotten a dustpan to clean up the shattered porcelain. Pausing, she looked up at me, “Well, go get comfy!” she chirped, before disappearing into the kitchen. I sat down in the middle of the pillows, and soon enough she was back, picnic basket in hand.

I suppose the day wasn’t going to be so bad after all.


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