The woes of cleaning.

Gah. So soon I will be moving from the unit I currently live in into a place roughly the size of a shoebox. That, plus the fact that I have enough clothes to fill two large wardrobes and numerous boxes in the garage (no exaggerations here, anyone who has been to my house can attest to this), means I am in the process of culling as much as I can. And as someone who doesn’t like getting rid of things (especially anything with even a shred of sentimental value), this is difficult.

I am on my 8th bag, all of which is going to the op shop tomorrow morning.

And thus, so I can have a bit of a break, here are a few things that ALWAYS happen when I’m cleaning up. Not sure if it’ll be relatable, but eh:

  1. Solo dance party
  2. Trying on of every item of clothing I’m unsure about keeping
  3. Snacks. So many snacks.
  4. Sudden interest in ANYTHING other than cleaning
  5. Writing
  6. More dancing
  7. Oh hey Tumblr
  8. More SNACKS
  9. Let’s turn on the tv and get some voices in the house (I live alone)
  10. Oh alright, I’ll watch a bit of this show
  11. What, it’s night-time?????????
  12. Um, guess I’ll finish cleaning tomorrow #oopth

One thought on “The woes of cleaning.

  1. Simytoe says:

    I feel your pain! I’ll be moving soon out of my shoe box size uni room and it’s amazing the amount of stuff I have to pack up. But cleaning/packing is a good way to avoid studying for exams so…

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