Packing stream-of-consciousness.

Right. Flight in less than 12 hours, I suppose I should pack.

Or I could watch the next episode of Game of Thrones….

Game of Thrones it is.

Wait, where were we?

Oh, packing.

I guess I should make a mental list of what I’ll need…

Pants, tops. Stuff for in between. Hats? Do I need a hat?

Do I even wear hats?

Maybe this can be the holiday where I start wearing hats.

Or I could save on luggage space.

…No hats.

Ooh look, recipes for cake somehow made their way to my screen. I’ll just have a quick read…

Oh man I want to bake a cake.

Maybe I should order pizza.

No, idiot, you’re not going to be around to eat the leftovers.


Have you even eaten dinner?

Crackers and dip it is.

Okay, what were we doing again?

Oh right, packing.

But wait, a playlist for my flight is really important. I mean, 9 hours is a long time without YouTube.

I wonder what’s been uploaded to YouTube today..



What do I need? Pants.

Go get pants.

Let me just try them on first

Oops I’m trying on outfits now. I mean, gotta look good for my holiday right?

…aaaaand now you’ve just got clothes lying everywhere.

Which you now need to clean up.

Speaking of cleaning – the dishes from last night need doing too.

Pants can wait.


Dammit Dom, focus.

Go get a suitcase.

Which one? Big or small?

Por que no los dos? We shall decide later.

What, why is this one filled with clothes alrea-OH I FORGOT TO UNPACK LAST TIME.

Mmm, half of this can go to charity.

I should put them to the side to give away.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Oooh so many trinkets at the bottom of this bag.

Why is there an ENTIRE blank receipt roll from the Big Bus Company?


Okay. Pants.

*gets pants, lays out on sofa*

Now what?


*puts on sofa*

Good, what about the top half though?

Couple of tops, check. *also on sofa*

I wonder what the temperatures will be…

*checks temperature of destination*

*checks temperature of 5 other countries*

*stares at pile of clothes on sofa*

….I don’t need half of these.

Or do I?

Eh, I’ll go shopping when I get there.

*suitcase remains mostly empty*


*suitcase is mostly laptop and relevant cables for said technology*


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