On your mark, jet-set, go!

I like to think I’m a really easy passenger to deal with, always have been. I know my way around a plane, and I pretty much always follow the following pattern on flights.. I board, get my bags away quickly, sit.. Wait for takeoff and eat the first meal (sometimes I skip this and go straight to the next step), after which I go and change into comfy/daggy clothes and promptly fall asleep, only to wake up just as the second meal is being served. Between that and watching half a movie or some tv shows, the flight is over before I get to that fidgety/wandering stage of boredom!

Today has been an interesting flight. I got upgraded to business class (score!) which I like to think is down to my charm, but it’s most likely because I think I was seemingly the first person to make actual conversation with the lady at the check in desk. Manners and friendliness go a long way at 5AM!

Anywho, on my flight to HK today I have:

  • Walked in on a man in the toilets who inexplicably had no shirt on, who just went ‘oh’, and REALLY SLOWLY closed the door, as if that would make him invisible and make me forget. Sorry bud, now the internet knows too.
  • Eaten an entire block of cheese with my hands (Sorry Cathay, your cheese to crackers-to-put-said-cheese-on ratio is a little bit off. Not complaining though! Love me some cheese)
  • Listened to the entire Frozen soundtrack 3 times, super-mega-cool lip dub singing parties in seat 20A, y’all. LET IT GOOOO~
  • (And repeated ‘Love is an Open Door’ an additional 12, singing duets with certain people in my head.. eventually got the song un-muddled…)
  • Eaten way more food than I should have. Entrée and then salad and then bread and then pasta and then cheese and crackers and THEN the most fantastical rich dark chocolate tart I’ve ever tasted? Uhm, yes please! Excuse me while I roll off the plane with my luggage.
  • Had maybe the most appreciated sleep I’ve had on a plane in months/years. I was so tired in the airport, to the point where I was getting paranoid and ramble-y and just vaguely confused about the world.
  • Wrote whole chunks of my book! Being with my laptop and without wifi is a magically productive place that I should find myself in more often.
  • Exploited all of the free things Business class is associated with. SO MUCH MOISTURISER.

Also, random side note while I’m writing about planes – I absolutely ADORE air turbulence. I don’t know, I feel like it’s the opposite of a phobia for me. It’s such an irrational pleasure, that I enjoy when the plane – the only thing keeping me alive – is wobbling round in some amount of uncertainty in the air. I mean, I trust the pilots, but at the same time there’s that ‘ooh, this could be it’ factor that I just get such a thrill from.

It’s weird. I’m weird.

Anywho, now I’m sitting in the arrivals hall with my luggage serenading passers-by with songs and poems-turned-songs on my ukulele. People have even stopped to listen! I must not be as bad as I think I am.


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