Hong Kong – a diary.

Getting lost in the city again has been like rediscovering an old lover or friend – all the ways they ebb and flow, all the inside jokes and memories, all the quirks you had forgotten you loved. Recently I was in Hong Kong, and my oh my it was so… busy. In no time at all after touching down in HK, I found myself in Mong Kok. Crowded, pushy, with a pace that would sweep most people off their feet – I hadn’t felt so at home in so very long. I spent nearly the whole day ducking in and out of shops, being forced to try and regain my grip on what Cantonese I knew. It had been over a year since I had been home, and my linguistics were a little… rusty. Soon enough I got into the swing of things again, and soon after I was parting with my money for items one can only find in Mong Kok.

And then there was the food. Oh my goodness, so much food. See my previous post for just a glimpse into how much food I ate… that was only the very first few days. Between 打邊爐 (hotpot), 燒賣 (siu mai), 腸粉 (cheung fun ‘rice rolls’), 格仔餅 (peanut waffle)… and then the western food I ate with my family, it was culinary heaven! Oh my. It was all fantastic. Weighing myself once I got back to Australia was not so fantastic, but eh, completely worth it. 

What I find fascinating is how you can leave a place for months or even years, come back and see that some of the people have not changed one single bit. I don’t mean it in a negative way, just observation. I know I’ve changed heaps since I was last in Hong Kong as a person, although I did feel some old habits creeping back in once I was in amongst people in the city. Again, not a negative thing, I just find it interesting.

A prime example of this was when I went to visit my old high school. I made the journey initially just for the nostalgia of the bus route up the hill, but in the end I decided I might as well visit the school while I was close. The school itself has ‘grown’ so different from anything that I could find comforting and nostalgic, with the exception of room 247, one of the chem labs I used to have classes in. Albeit, it was one of the only rooms I actually went in on my visit, it completely threw me back to the feeling of being a student again, which I wasn’t entirely prepared for. Like in my schooldays, I ended up being a bit of a rambler, but eh – it happens to me even at the best of times.

Blah, speaking of rambling, I’m starting to do that now. Long story short, HK is and always will be home (as much as Melbourne is becoming home too). Yay travel times!


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