Social media detox

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 8.33.42 PM

This is maybe only the second time I’ve done this – I’ve stopped using Facebook and Tumblr. Not completely shut down – because I fully intend to go back to using them both. Also, not offline everywhere, I’ve just decided to go off the social media radar for a while. Things happen. Space is nice sometimes. Anywho – I’ve been ‘offline’ for less than 48 hours and wah, I can totally feel the difference.

In the first day, after about an hour and a half of ‘Aw, I wonder what’s on my newsfeed/dash’ and somehow resisting logging back in, I hit a massive streak of productivity (well, ‘productivity’). I made a stupid video for youtube, I wrote a whole chunk of a project I’m working on, taught myself a couple new songs on the uke.. Plus cleaned the house and made foooooood! Soopah-doopah productive by my regular standards.

I am now on day two and my brain has started itching for online replacements.. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. I may or may not (definitely) made a new Neopets profile… I used to play as a kid, no judging! I also have spent far too long on 2048… I have yet to beat the game. ONE DAY. Hopefully this week, otherwise I’m going to go insane.

I’m not sure how long I’m going to stay off facebook and the like, maybe a week… or two? Who knows, maybe longer. I can’t disconnect completely because I have a group I need to monitor, otherwise I probably would have deactivated things fully.



What do you think?

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