Dear diary, it’s been a while..

Man, it’s been months- maybe even years since I did an honest-to-goodness plain and simple daily diary blog post. Ahh! Hello, 15 year old me stream-of-consciousness writing style. So, today I went and had brunch with a friend. Forgot how much I really enjoy brunches.. although by the time her train got in it was more like lunch. Anywho! While I waited I went into the mega-massive Daiso on Flinders, and oh man, I spent almost a good hour in there. So many useless-but-I-want-them items, all for $2.80!

Not today, Dom. I still have heaps of things to clean out from my house…

We had lunch at Grill’d, my favourite place to get a burger in Melbourne. Every time I go in, I want to order the ‘Field of Dreams’ veggie burger, but I always always end up getting the ‘Bird and Brie’, because I cannot resist the combination of cranberry and brie… I am weak, but that is okay. There are plenty of other things I could cave in to, I’m fairly sure my choice of burger isn’t going to come back and bite me. Unless the meat isn’t cooked well enough. Har har. Sorry, even I thought that was lame.

At lunch we set up a YouTube account for her and talked about video ideas and the like – exciting things to come, hopefully! I’m still on the fence about my own channel… Half of me wants to go full pelt and properly give it a go, but on the other hand I’ve been wanting to do it for ages but haven’t because I’ve procrastinated/been shy. Who knows, maybe this time around I’ll actually upload things on a semi-regular basis?? Time will tell.

Also, completely unrelated to anything above but a little while ago someone left a bag of Milk Chocolate fruit & nut mix at my hosue and I was snacking on them and I just finished them and now they’re all gone and I am sad about it. I am totally that friend that would appreciate a box of Favourites. FEED ME CHOCOLATE OM NOM NOM.

What do you think?

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