ALLLLLL the multitasking.

An actual blog post! With words! Oh my. What is this even like? How do I words? Anyway – life is super busy lately. At the moment, I’m juggling:

  • News program producer
  • Film festival chief organiser (shared position though, thankfully!)
  • Yawp internship
  • Organising volunteer days (6 events and counting)
  • Coordinating with the other Harto City Captains re: planning events and the like
  • Editing the last of the HK videos, then editing the Book Club video from this month
  • Planning Christmas/one-year events for the Kitchenettes

…all on top of my regular classes! Yeeep. That said, I’m still relatively sane. Aside from the place I’m living in, all is going well! Grades are good and life is still sociable.

I’ve decided my mind is best when it’s busy.


What do you think?

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