Mini-break YouTube ramblings

So, over the last two/three years I’ve fallen into the inescapable world that is YouTube. Mainly I just watch, though I’ve been trying my hand at uploading my own stuff! When I first started watching videos regularly – and not just on the tail-end of drunken parties when the mood began to wind down – my choices were admittedly cat videos and music videos.

Then I moved on to the Holy Trinity of YouTube: Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig. It’s as a result of these three that I found many friends online and started another arguable addiction: tumblr (but I shan’t talk about that here). However fast forward to late last year and I’ve all but stopped watching them regularly. Sure, I’ll watch something if it catches my eye, but where I once used to habitually check if there was a new upload, I now often forget until I see gifs on tumblr.

But, where I used to watch vloggers, I can now hardly go a day without watching a let’s play. Specifically, Markiplier. For those who don’t know, a ‘let’s play’ is exactly what it sounds like – a video where someone plays a game and records the screen so you can watch them play.

I found Markiplier through his Five Nights at Freddy’s play throughs, because I am a wimp when it comes to scary games, but being able to watch someone else play (and more importantly, have the ability to pause in between heart attacks) is something I’m strangely drawn to… It’s weird.

Anyway. Over the last few months I’ve easily watched days worth of horror gameplay, and I can’t seem to stop. Nor do I want to. I guess it’s a weird way for me to get over my fear of scary things? I’m not entirely sure, but Mark’s personality helps! He mucho mucho funny.

I was thinking that I should try to make a let’s play video for my channel. They’re seemingly pretty easy to record, and hopefully my personality plus my absolute terror at scary games would be enough to make it interesting for people who are not me? Hmmm. Decisions, decisions.

As I’ve been typing this, I have a screen open with a let’s play running. I’m currently letting myself watch one per 250 words in my essay. Ugh, essays.

Anyway, break over, time to get back to essay writing. Ciao!


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