Work Hard, Play Hard….. Play Hard, Play Hard, Play Hard

Annabelle and Cyrano, my favourite couple. Look at how cute they are, they’re even wearing matching shirts! Their love transcends pixels.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of university work and student life….I can’t stop playing Animal Crossing (New Leaf).

Last week, there was a period of at least three days where I played for about 6 hours each day. Let’s be clear, this is a game where your predominant source of income is shaking trees, picking up the fruit that drops, selling it to a pink alpaca, and repeating the process. It’s a somewhat monotonous process, but at the same time, it takes place in a world that’s somewhat magical (not in a literal sense, though through manipulating the settings, you *can* travel through time).

My obsession started when I learnt a trick to acquire hundreds of thousands of bells in one evening – beetle farming. ‘Farming’, for those who aren’t savvy in game-speak, in this sense does not mean a literal farm of beetles, but refers to a process of repetitively doing one task in order to gain reward. In this case, I mean capturing and selling golden stags and other high-value beetles on the island, and taking them back to re-tail (the shop with the alpaca) and selling them at 8,000-10,000 a piece.

Throw in a bit of money, and voila! Money galore. Or rather, Bells galore!

One would think such a time-draining activity would lead to me falling behind in studies. In fact, it’s done almost the opposite. At the time of writing (Tuesday) my next two assignments are due on Thursday evening and next Monday.

I’ve finished them both.

In my bid to play as much Animal Crossing as I can, I’ve finished both to what I consider a pretty good quality. That is not to say that I’m going to drop them now and hand them in as they are currently, I’ll work on them some more… But my brain works on a bargaining system. Usually this consists of “just 5 more YouTube videos and then I’ll do some work”, after which I watch an hour of videos and do 0 minutes of work…but somehow it’s worked with Animal Crossing.

I don’t know how long this will last though, my phases of obsession come and go spontaneously, as far as I know next week I’ll be having a nostalgia flashback and be obsessing over Neopets. BeautyPaws_, I swear I’ll feed you again someday!

…But for now, I must get back to my town, one of my fictional villagers wants to come visit my fictional house and look at my fictional furniture……….


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