Also, I graduated!

So, guess who graduated top of her course? This chick right here! I wish I had a pet chicken so I could’ve made that a better joke… Ah well. I graduated!

Not from uni, but from my diploma course. In order to get in to La Trobe University, I took a bridging pathway course at La Trobe Melbourne: the Diploma of Mass Media and Communications. Heaps of fun! I still miss the smaller class sizes and the four-hour  chunky classes, as opposed to the university’s system of “You’ll have the lecture on Monday with 200+ people, then here, sit in a room with people on Thursday and see what you remember.” It’s the most practical way to do things, yes, but most questions I have during the lectures I never get to ask, because I don’t want to be “that” student that constantly interrupts. At least in a class situation there was pause to ask things. Ah well. Get off your soap box, Dom.

But yes! I got to graduate officially from La Trobe Melbourne and I wore a pretty dress (pictured below) and big high-heeled boots that I almost fell over in (not pictured below), and received two certificates! One was the graduation certificate, the other the prize-winner’s certificate. I was so, so stoked to win the prize. I worked really hard over the two terms with a full load of study each term. Go me!

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 5.04.20 pm

…Okay, time to bring the modesty back.


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