WebFest Launch!

One of the internships I am lucky enough to be doing is being a part of the Communications team for the Melbourne WebFest. We recently had the official selection announcement at the Jasper Hotel, which was heaps of fun.

My role on the night was to be in charge of Facebook Live with co-host Ash, though it turned out that I hosted the thing solo for the bulk of our stream, which you can watch below:


Aside from that, we got to mingle with content creators, actors, and other members of the digital web series community. It was a great night! It was so genuinely inspiring to be in a room full of people who are passionate about creating. I spoke to a lovely man for a while about some of my own creative projects, and he was very receptive and supportive of my ideas.

On the night I was also interviewed by Marilena from upstartLIVE, which was really fun. I even made the thumbnail! Huzzah! I genuinely thought we were just testing the audio levels at first, then I asked if she wanted to do a proper one and I was told that we had just done the proper one. Whoops.


All in all it was a fantastic night, followed by a couple more drinks with the rest of the MWF crew. I can’t wait for the actual festival!


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